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Track Productivity Software - Desktime productivity track software

DeskTime offers a suite of features designed to enhance team productivity and streamline work processes, making it an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to optimize their time and resources. The app’s core functionality revolves around sophisticated time tracking, allowing for both automatic and manual logging of work hours. This feature is particularly beneficial for teams that primarily operate on computers, as it effortlessly captures time spent on various tasks and projects. DeskTime’s time tracking capabilities extend beyond mere logging; they provide deep insights into how time is allocated across different activities, enabling managers to identify areas where efficiency can be improved.

Why track employee time?

In addition to time tracking, DeskTime boasts a range of features that cater to comprehensive team management. These include productivity tracking, URL and app tracking, document title tracking, and the ability to take screenshots. This suite of tools offers managers a detailed overview of team activities, helping them to understand work patterns and assess productivity levels. For instance, the app assigns productivity statuses to different applications and URLs, allowing teams to categorize tools as productive, unproductive, or neutral based on their relevance to work. This customization ensures that productivity measurement is tailored to the specific needs of different teams within an organization.

Time tracking

DeskTime’s benefits extend to fostering a healthy work-life balance and improving overall team dynamics. By providing clear data on work hours and activities, it helps in maintaining transparency and accountability within teams. This transparency is crucial for remote teams, ensuring that work is being done efficiently even when team members are not physically present in an office. Additionally, the insights gained from DeskTime’s tracking and productivity analysis can be used to streamline workflows, identify bottlenecks, and optimize resource allocation. This leads to not only enhanced productivity but also a more balanced and satisfying work environment for employees. DeskTime, therefore, stands out as a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to maximize their team’s potential while maintaining a healthy and productive work culture.

Productivity tracking

  • Shows the employee’s day on a timeline
  • Tracks where their time was wasted
  • Gathers data on breaks and lunchtimes
Track Productivity Software - App Tracking

App and document tracking

  • DeskTime tracks what websites, apps and programs the employee has used throughout the day
  • Document names and website URL’s can also be tracked, if necessary.
  • An admin can change the productivity status of each app, which allows them to measure employee work productivity and effectiveness

Project tracking

  • Tracked time can be assigned to specific projects and tasks
  • Admins can see who is working on which projects and tasks, as well as how much they cost to the company.
  • DeskTime can be integrated with Asana, Jira, Trello and others to track time to the integrated projects.
Track Productivity Software - Project Tracking
Track Productivity Software - Reports


  • Shows the tracked data organized by days, weeks or months
  • A filter option allows secluding only the relevant information
  • The data can be exported as Excel files ready for calculations or company reports