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Track Productivity Software - Desktime productivity track software
Track Productivity Software - Median Client

Our Median Client

  • A company with 18 employees to track
  • Located in the USA, India, UK, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Brazil and Latvia
  • Subscribes to DeskTime for 15 months
  • Spends 87% of time at work productively

Why track employee time?

  • Statistics show that only 59% of office time is spent on work related tasks
  • On average, 20%* of all office time is spent Unproductively
  • In the EU tracking employee working hours is obligatory since 2019

*That’s 4 workdays a month, 48 workdays a year

Track Productivity Software - why
Track Productivity Software - Time Tracking

Time tracking

  • Arrival and leaving times
  • Productive office time
  • Total time at the computer
  • Total time at work
  • Employee effectiveness

Productivity tracking

  • Shows the employee’s day on a timeline
  • Tracks where their time was wasted
  • Gathers data on breaks and lunchtimes
Track Productivity Software - Productivity Tracking
Track Productivity Software - App Tracking

App and document tracking

  • DeskTime tracks what websites, apps and programs the employee has used throughout the day
  • Document names and website URL’s can also be tracked, if necessary.
  • An admin can change the productivity status of each app, which allows them to measure employee work productivity and effectiveness

Project tracking

  • Tracked time can be assigned to specific projects and tasks
  • Admins can see who is working on which projects and tasks, as well as how much they cost to the company.
  • DeskTime can be integrated with Asana, Jira, Trello and others to track time to the integrated projects.
Track Productivity Software - Project Tracking
Track Productivity Software - Reports


  • Shows the tracked data organized by days, weeks or months
  • A filter option allows secluding only the relevant information
  • The data can be exported as Excel files ready for calculations or company reports