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This website is a software comparison information and education website in the track productivity niche. We endeavour to find the features and benefit of each software  and recommend it in such a way that is beneficial to your business.

And also in a way that your employee will see the benefits of the software and not as an intrusion .

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  • A platform built for a new way of working
  • Change the name to Monday.

A single app for all work.

All your work in one place: Tasks, Docs, Goals, Whiteboards, Dashboards and Chat.

Understand time spent on Tasks, Projects and for Clients.

Time and productivity tracking of your employees.

The All-in One Business Productivity Tool.

Our Mission

to compare the productivity tracking softwares out there. To inform and educate the benefits of each software so as to make it easy for you to choose one that is the right fit for your business

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